What is Open Enea Linux?

Open Enea Linux is a binary distribution which is based on the poky example distro from the Yocto Project. It includes a multitude of layers to add additional functionality on top of OE-core. The core concept is to make embedded devices easy to use, adapt and extend with a simple flick of the package-manager.

Runtime Customizable Model

Being an embedded developer, you often find yourself making configuration changes and running re-builds. The idea with Open Enea Linux is to have a light distribution that contains a simple default setup with everything on target that you might need to scale up to a tailored version that suits your specific needs, having constant re-builds out of the picture. Thus, bringing desktop commodities to the embedded world.

Ease of Use

This website is the only source that you will need to get started. On the one hand, the Download and Deploy sections provides you with prebuilt images as well as instructions to deploy them on target. On the other hand, the Develop section provides you with prebuilt toolchains and a set of Eclipse based tools, together with instructions and video-tutorials to download, install and use them.

Development Tools

Open Enea Linux includes a set of industry standard Open Source tools as well as Eclipse plug-ins to interface them, which offers developers a wide variety of commodities within the familiar Eclipse environment. These include using the cross-compiler for application development, debugging and profiling target applications, rebuilding full-fledged file systems images and running qemu simulations.

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Openness and Collaboration

Openness and collaboration are the core values of this project. We believe in the Open Source model, therefore, the OEL distribution as well as the development tools suite are exclusively Free and Open Source Software. Besides, our developers work directly upstream, so we do not only share the improvements and fixes that we do, but we also benefit from the Community, keeping OEL up to speed with the latest and greatest software.

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The point of OEL is that you should not need to modify the source or build it yourself. But if you want, you can get it from here.